Olive leaf is simply made by crushing dried olive leaves, and is therefore not highly concentrated. If put into capsules it would be suitable for general health and energy maintenance, or it can be put into new tea bags which can be purchased, to make olive leaf tea.

Also available as Olive leaves powdered

It is dried and used in meat dishes, grilled meats, vegetables and fish. It is especially used in soups. The distinct flavor and aroma of thyme is due to ‘Thymol’, it also contains many flavonoids and phenolic antioxidants.
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Spices & Herbs

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Turkish Bay Leaves

Turkish bay leaves are a very useful ingredient in many of our blends and can be a nice addition to your kitchen. Bay Leaves are added to fish and meat marinades, pickles, soups and stews.
Also available as bay leaves powdered

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Olive Leaves

Owing to Turkey’s suitable climatic and ecological conditions, hundreds of
medical and aromatic plants are cultivated or gathered from the nature. Turkey is one of the countries best suited for organic cultivation.“Laurel leaf”, which is famous worldwide is produced in large quantities in Antakya and its surrounding regions.


Wild Thyme