Health: The dried leaves of laurel are brewed and used to treat rheumatism, joint pains, schizophrenia, stress, to stimulate the appetite and as a sedative. The oil extracted from the berries is used as a cure for irritated skin, earache, asthma and urinary ailments.

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Bay Berry Oil

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Natural Laurel Berry Oil

Bay laurel oil (Bay; Laurus nobilis). Turkey dominates the global supply of laurel oil, supplying around 80% of global needs. Production comes totally from wild plants. The plants occur naturally along the coastlines of the Aegean, Mediterrean and Black Sea, although the high rainfall levels of the Black Sea area create difficulties for drying the leaves and obtaining a good quality product.


Parts Used: Leaves
Processing: Steam Distilled
Origin: Turkey

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Cosmetic Uses: The berries yield an essential oil used both for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. The main product made from laurel oil is laurel soap. Known for its unique perfume, it nourishes, softens, refreshes, and cleanses skin while acting as an antiseptic. It is especially recommended for sensitive and damaged skin. The oil is also used extensively in cosmetics and moisturizing products

Bay Leaf Essential Oil